Blood Sacrifice

Blood Sacrifice is it still required?

The Blood of Jesus, the Final Sacrifice ©

God required a blood sacrifice for his people to be liberated. In the days of the Old Testament, the High Priest of God would offer the sacrifice of an unblemished animal to God; in efforts to atone for the sins of the people of God. Christ completed the requirement of Blood Sacrifice to God. He took on the form of the final spiritual sacrificial lamb; by offering himself in death to God. After the death of Christ, God no longer require any sacrificial offering whatsoever.

In short, God will never require that man create any form of blood sacrifice to him. The death of Jesus Christ completed God’s requirement of all sacrifice to Him.

Christian churches that are influenced by satan preaches a gospel of  ” Sacrificial Offering to God, as a so-called means to healing and wealth. Messages of this kind of gospel usually surround “giving a sacrificial offering of a large sum of money, in exchange for healing and prosperity. However, God cannot accept an offering that He has not ordained. Therefore, that leaves the spirit of lucifer to accept this kind of offering.  Christians get sucked into the “sacrificial giving,” looking for wealth and healing from God. The cycle of this abomination continues, under the deception of creating a sacrifice to God.

There are also “Christian” churches which require the killing of an animal and a ceremonial offering to gain wealth, fight demons, gain power or whatever. This is unacceptable before God. Again, Christ is the final blood sacrifice. And if so, exactly who or what is accepting this kind sacrifice being offered by Christians? Because God cannot accept a sacrifice He has not ordained.

Some Christian churches even hold the tradition of annually feast days; making “offerings to God” in the kind of fruits and other foods. In the African tradition these kind of offerings were offered to demon gods. Unfortunately, many African diaspora churches still carry on this tradition in ignorance; offering the Almighty God a sacrifice He cannot accept.

The devil has created an effective counterfeit, by requiring animal or human sacrifice to him and demons. Humans are bewitched by satan, into believing that an illegal blood sacrifice can create wealth or health; this is really a trap to keep honoring satan with illegal sacrifices.

Conclusion: God no longer requires blood sacrifice or any sacrificial offering of anytime. Any form of sacrifice offering to God is an abomination, and unacceptable.

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