POWERFUL Spirit of God

Did you know that You are a POWERFUL Spirit of God, Living in a Body?


We are a Powerful Spirit of God

We are a Powerful Spirit of God: God is a spirit and does not dwell in the physical form. When the bible states in Genesis 1:26 , “Let us make man in our image,” God was referring  to HIS spiritual form; to create man as an image of His spirit. God’s word manifested (created) the world. In the image of God, we possess the authority to manifest (literally create) change to the spiritual and physical world, through the power of God’s word. Unfortunately, this power is not readily shared correctly among Christians.

God word is in thee forms.

  1. The written Word of God
  2. The Spoken World of God
  3. Jesus Christ who is the Word of God (John 1:1)

The Christian power moved into the hands of other mankind practicing evil; when the knowledge that we are a very powerful spirit of God became obsolete in Christian generations. They realize that all mankind are a powerful spirit of God and therefore, they are too. God is not partial with this principle and the form in which he created man is unchangeable. The power seeking devil has opened the understanding of his agents because they seek the knowledge of such power.

The use of any power (good or evil) outside of the will of God is an abomination to God; God’s power is never an abomination – no matter its use. That is why although they are manifesting evil; spiritual workers are still powerful. Such man has harvested the power of God within himself and used it for evil.

The Key to God’s Power in us

The trick of satan is to deceive man that he can create power and give man power.

God created the first man and woman in His powerful spiritual image; and we remained as spirits of God to this day. However, we satan tricked man into disobedience to God, and into obedience to him. Satan used an illegal tacit of deception to cause man to legally place the operation of our given power into his hands. Adam and Eve transferred to satan, the Key to God’s Power in us; which is really our knowledge of the operation of the power (GOOD and EVIL). Of such, man became suddenly dis-empowered without this Key. Leaving us naked, without knowing how to harvest and use the power of God we possess. Because of this, man is like a powerful machine without a manual; unless it is revealed to us by the Holy Spirit.

God set all things in legal motion from the begging. So as to legally redeem the knowledge of the use of man’s given power (our Key) from satan; God made a final sacrificed unto Himself. With the completion of the shedding of the blood of Christ Jesus, our Key was return to Christ.

God’s power (good and evil) legally lives in all man. Through the Holy Spirit, the manual to use God’s power is attained. When we are aligned with Christ, the Holy Spirit will reveal to us the Key in using the power of God which dwells in us; we will have the understanding of how to use the weapons of warfare; and how to exercise our power without fear and with terror, which is greater than evil power. When we legally harvest the Power of God in us, we will be a force to recon with. Demons must bow to Powerful Spirit of God, and flee. But again, only through Jesus Christ is this knowledge legally possible.

Of course evil spiritual workers and satanist are one step ahead of Christians; because they have this knowledge illegally through their alliance with the devil. With the knowledge which comes from the power of God in man; these satanic cronies have acquired the knowledge of using and subduing demons;  knowledge of using the biblical word of  God illegally to cause harm; knowledge of harvesting the power of evil spirits for harm and protection; the principle of illegal prayer for their benefit; the use of illegal worship to objects, satan, and spirits; the counterfeit practice of animal and human blood sacrifice and the list goes on and on.

Study and Practice the Power of God

If Christians would form the same alliance to Christ as that satan worshipers do to satan and the spirit of lucifer;  Christians would be spiritually and  physically untouchable. They would practice and excise the Power of God. Christians would not make a move without consulting the Holy Spirit; they would use the natural element that God created daily; they would not pray a mist, but pray the exact word of God, pray without seizing. Effective prophesy would be their norm, their words would be the word of God. They would bind things on earth and it would be bind in heaven. As servants, they would live by the bible, read it daily and practice it as a way of life. They would learn the hierarchy of the angelic forces and invoke their power daily. Christians would create a life of living worship to God; they would fear and honor only God. Christians would know the principles of creating a fast and getting exact results. They would take to Lord’s Supper with reverence. They would walk in Love and help other Christians fight.

If the above become a way of life, then would or what could be against a Christian? Nowadays this knowledge is only practiced by a few Christians; while almost all evil workers use their knowledge to gain more unlawful power daily.

The evil spirit workers take pleasure in multiple tedious procedures; which they must go through to use demon powers . They gain power from evil spirits and drain Christians of the right to their power; adding sickness and confusion into their lives though psychic attacks and evil spirits. The key to their power is KNOWLEDGE of the spiritual realm. That which Christians fail to acquire!

Christians do not need to know the works of evil to be effective, but they must not to the ignorant to its existence. However, it is imperative that Christians are Knowledgeable about their real power!

Most Christians on the other hand find anything other than fasting and prayer (which is really done correctly) taboo. The few Christians which harvest the power of God that is in us all, is often highly esteemed. These men and women did not arrive at this knowledge (Key) by chance. They studied and gain knowledge through the Holy Spirit, they tested the weapons of spiritual warfare for themselves and others.

Here is a stunning fact: all Christians have the power to heal the sick and cast out demons, tread on serpents and no evil shall harm us. For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them. Ephesians 2:10.

Traditional Christianity have created a false god of good only, and have removed the almighty God from their existence. As per the bible, the Lord God almighty is the God of Good and Evil. In Ephesians 45:7  “I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things.” We know see that God is the creator of all things. God created satan, He created the evil spirits and the rebellious angels.

Satan wants mankind to believe the lie that “he” is a creator; that he creates all things evil. And that God is LIMITED to good ONLY, while he, satan reigns over all evil! Satan is not a creator he cannot create spiritual or physical entities. He fosters evil, but he is not a creator.

Conclusion: People of God, satan is a created being. God did not create him in His image, nor does he have the spirit of God in him. With the harvested power of God; Christians are more powerful than any evil force. We are more powerful than the spirit of lucifer ; more powerful than the devil; we are more powerful any evil spiritual force. Demons, angels (evil or good), satan and evil human spiritual worker are ALL creation of GOD. How can the creation be more powerful than the creator? The creator God is in us. The Holy Spirit holds the Key to the knowledge of God’s power (Good and Evil).  When we use our Key, all power must bow to the Powerful Spirit of God in us!

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