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Are the Spiritual Healing Courses Accredited?

The Spiritual Healing Courses are accredited by God only. These courses are for your personal information. They are not continuing education or formal education and, were never designed as a formal education system.

Is there a guarantee of the use any procedure in the Spiritual Healing Courses?

The Spiritual Healing Courses are intended for your personal curiosity and choice of use only. Spiritual Healing Products (The Company) do not make any guarantee that by using any of the procedures listed, you or anyone will have any result.

Do you have a Disclaimer of Liability?

Yes. By using the website you are agreeing that:

Spiritual Healing Products is an informational website and should never be substituted for a medical assistance, medical advise or medical cure.

You are 18 years or older.

You are agreeing to use [“The website”] at your own liability.

You agree that the courses and any information on the The website is informal information for curiosity ONLY, and there is no guarantee made by Spiritual Healing Products or its ministries and affiliates of your use, failure to use or, misuse of the information on The website.

You agree that if you are feeling ill, you will contact the your doctor or the nearest emergency room.

By using The website you agree to hold Spiritual Healing Products (the company) harmless of all liability; including death, accident, and danger of any type, while using the information on The website.

By using the website Spiritual Healing Products, you agree that you will not bring any legal actions of any kind against Spiritual Healing Products, the company or its ministries and affiliates. You are agreeing to remove Spiritual Healing Products from any liability of any form, type or kind.  

What is Terms of Use of this website?

1. You must be 17 years or older. If you are under the age of 17, please (a) close the browser and discontinue with the use of this website (b) Inform an adult 18 years or older who may be able to use this website on your behalf. The Courses are not intended for children. If we realize that a user is under 17, we will not keep his/her Personal Information, we will disable his/her account with us and delete such information from our records.

2. You MUST agree to the Liability Disclaimer above. If you do not agree to the Liability Disclaimer of the Spiritual Healing Products website, please close the browser and discontinue with the use of this website.

3. You must be able to read and comprehend the English Language.

How do we contact you with further question?

Please fill out the Contact Form to the right of this page and we will get in touch with you soon.

Can I send you information about other procedures and products that I know of ?

Certainly, we welcome all procedures and products that you know of. We will research the information that you send us, and if the procedure, product or information can be verified, we may add it to our courses or inventory and publish it on and our other electronic platforms.

Can I join the Spiritual Healing Products Ministry as a Prayer Warrior, Prophet or Spiritual Warfare Minster?

We welcome you in the ministry of Prayer Warrior, Prophetic Anointing, Seer Anointing. If God has gifted you in these ministries, please contact us, regardless of where you are in the world.

Pre-requisite for applying to join the Spiritual Healing Products Ministries:

  • You MUST be living a life dedicated to God.
  • You must be filed with the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues.
  • You must a born again Christian.
  • Your spiritual gift(s), including tongues and prophesy, must be handed down by the Holy Ghost, and not attained or managed by any other spiritual force.
  • You must not be an occultist or a member of any satanic order.
  • You must operate daily and fluently in the spiritual calling of the ministry you are professing.

We are delighted to contend in the work of the Lord with you! Please contact us for an application. Please be advised that not all applicants will be accepted, as we test the spirit of each person applying and consult with God on the behalf of the ministry; and will only select the persons that God has appointed to be a member of this ministry.

You may also seek to be a part of a particular ministry area, however, based on your calling and appointment confirmed to us by the Holy Spirit, we may recommend that you join us in a different ministry area.

What is the policy of the Spiritual Healing Products Website?

The website Spiritual Healing Products is covered under the copyright laws and will be enforced in any country or land that it is found that the website and its information is copied, cloned or breached. No material of the Spiritual Healing Products website can be copied or shared in any form, except by written permission from the Spiritual Healing Products organization. This website is guarded by high angels of God, any person or spirit wishing to bring harm to the work of God, will do so at their own risk and consequence.

I think I am under a curse, can I contact a Spiritual Healer for HELP?

Yes. A Spiritual Healing will work for you. Jesus left the mandate of his ministers, to heal the sick and cast out demons. There is no charge for the activation of the power of God and the spiritual gifts used to heal you. However, any product used in the process has a cost to it. Each minster assigned to work on your healing is employed full-time in this ministry of healing, and is dedicated to your healing. As per Matthew 10:10, the workman is worthy of his meat;  as such, the Spiritual Healer will require a fee. The dollar amount of the fee is determined according to your case.

Please use the contact form on the right to place your request and a Spiritual Healer will contact you. If your situation is urgent (death is imminent or a dangerous situation is at hand) please request an immediate phone call from a Spiritual Healer.

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