Join Spiritual Healing Products Ministries: we are seeking Prayer Warriors, Prophets of God (Holy Ghost Anointed), Warfare Ministers, Christian Spiritual Workers.

Are you called to the Spiritual Warfare Ministry? Are you one of God’s chosen?

We welcome you in the ministry of Prayer Warrior, Prophetic Anointing, Seer Anointing. If God has gifted you in these ministries, please contact us, regardless of where you are in the world.

Pre-requisite for applying to join the Spiritual Healing Products Ministries:

  • You MUST be living a life dedicated to God.
  • You must be filled with the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in the pentecostal tongues.
  • You must be a born again Christian.
  • Your spiritual gift(s), including tongues and prophecy, must be handed down by the Holy Ghost, and not attained or managed by any other spiritual force or means.
  • You must NOT be involved in the occult or a member of any satanic order.
  • You must operate daily and fluently in the spiritual calling of the ministry you are professing.
Spiritual Warfare Ministry

We are delighted to contend in the work of the Lord with you! Please contact us for an application. Please be advised that not all applicants will be accepted, as we test the spirit of each person applying and consult with God on behalf of the ministry and will only select the persons that God has appointed to be a member of this ministry.

Spiritual Healing Products – Spiritual Warfare Ministry

You may also seek to be a part of a particular ministry area, however, based on your calling. We may recommend that you join us in a different ministry area.