Prayer Warrior Intercessors

Prayer Warrior

Intercessory Prayers:

Some spiritual warfare will not break without consistent prayer. Our Intercessory Prayer Warriors are experienced prophetic intercessors, prophetic seers, and prophetic healers who understand effective prayer. These God anointed men and women possess the key to prayers that cannot return void of action from God.

Each person seeking a Prayer Warrior Intercessor will receive consistent prayers from our warriors, who will stay in prayer for you until your situation breaks, and when necessary will be in fasting with you. God has called our Prayer Warrior to the Ministry of Prayer and has gifted them with the knowledge of effective prayer, fasting, and intercession against spiritual warfare, demonic attacks, evil magic, and psychic attacks.

Please contact our Prayer Warrior Service today and let consistent prayers begin to take effect in your situation!

Prophetic Word

With each Prayer Warrior service, you will receive a prophetic word regarding your situation.

Not knowing exactly what you are experiencing in a spiritual warfare battle can place you in danger: Do not perish because of lack of knowledge, allow God to deliver His instructions to you through the  Spiritual Healing Prophets.

Is there a Charge for the service of a Personal Prayer Warrior?

Prayer is always free, however, when you request the service of a Personal Prayer Warrior, a minister of God will be dedicated to you in prayer, fasting, prophesy, and general counseling. These Christian ministers are not employed in secular jobs and will be in a consistent battle for your deliverance. So, therefore, there is a subscription fee for their service.


Our Spiritual Healing Prophets are not crystal ball readers, card readers, any type of reader, fortune tellers. They will not have solutions for every problem or heal you of every ailment. They will provide you with a prophetic analysis and deliver exactly what God wants to be aware of. They will counsel you spiritually and give you words of knowledge from God, they will pray over all persons that receive this service and release them into their God-given destiny, this can remove all blocks.